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Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7 and Windows 8

New Templates for backing up file from local Google Docs (Drive), iCloud, Dropbox, SkyDrive

New Windows 8 Compatible

TurboBackup is the go-to solution for backing up shared documents across multiple destinations. It offers the ability to back up different versions of the same file to protect your documents. For everyday use, the new release 9 offers simple drag-and-drop backup.

See for yourself how easy it is to use Turbobackup

At left you will find the list of tasks that can help you back up different type of data. Below you will find the Backup Icon. Choose the task from the list and click on the Backup Icon, Turbobackup scans backup files and folders and calculates how much space you need. If there are not enough space available on your backup media, TurboBackup will warn you, otherwise your files are backed up! — Yes, it's that Easy! To add more files and folders to be backed up, simply drag and drop them from Windows tothe task.

TurboBackup has a backup management system

Perhaps this is the program's greatest strength that let you organize your financial data, photo-album, music library, or shared documents into different groups. Each group is a task. With a single click or auto scheduling you can back up each group of files to different locations and with different settings. You can either pick folders or files all over your computer to create a task or simply use Turbobackup's pre-loaded templates.

Types of Backup Media you can HAVE...

Back up to Hard drive, CD/DVD, Thumb drives, USB Hard Drive, Remote Server, and Network Drive.

Additional Useful Features...

Many easy-to-use backup templates

Compress backup, Locked files backup, and incremental backup

Schedule backup and unattended silent backup

Prepare backup wizard for sizing space requirement

Full, partial, and previous version restores

Create and repair backups and catalogs

Using catalog to preview and find backed up files

Detailed logs and E-mail backup notification

How Can TurboBackup Work for You?

Use TurboBackup to archive all your photos

If you want to archive your photos to CD/DVD, select My Photos task first. Click on the Edit Icon, choose the CD/DVD as the Backup Media. If you periodically archive your photos, Progressive Backup gives you a fast backup to the CD/DVD you provided. If you want to know ahead of time the number of CD/DVD are required, click Prepare Backup. TurboBackup will analyze your data and give you an estimate.

Use TurboBackup to back up your work folders

Click on the New Icon to create a task for your project, drag and drop your folder to the task or inside your Backup Wizard. Choose the Hard Disk or USB as the backup media and use Daily Backup to backup today's work or Progressive Backup for the new and updated files. You also have the option to keep all versions of the same file.

Use TurboBackup to restore lost, damaged, or changed files 

Restore in TurboBackup is a fairly simple task that can have your backed-up files restored in no time. To begin you select the task, then click on Restore Icon to restore individual files, groups of files, or all of the files that you've backed up. If you have more than one copy of the backup data, you have choice to restore from a particular backup. Or you can use the Previous Version function that shows you all backups of the same document to choose from.

Use TurboBackup to backup to remote server

To back up large files from your desktop or laptop directly to FTP server is quite fast in TurboBackup. FTP is the fastest internet protocol to transfer and share large files. It transfers files dramatically faster than traditional http or email. The built-in FTP feature in TurboBackup enables the transfer of large files and folders. Simply choose the backup media as FTP servers and follow the step-by-step wizard to set up the task.

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MSRP:         $69.95

You pay:     $49.95
Twin Pack:  $69.95

Upgrade:    $15.00

Multiple    Licenses

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